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Weston Island

Weston Island is located West of Bath City Centre, the Island sits between two communities and is separated with the River Avon. The Community North of the Island is Newbridge and it is a highly wealthily area that is know within the Somerset area for being a privileged and fortunate community. South of the river, the community of Twerton is know to be one of the most deprived communities in country. The division between the two communities is significant, therefore the aim of this project is to tackle this issue and bring the two communities together, so both can benefit and support each other, which will then improve the social and economical value of Bath and North East Somerset.

Weston Island offers opportunities that can empower the community of Bath, with it’s ability to connect communities from different economic and social backgrounds, while also providing new tourist and job opportunities. Made clear after community consultations that were carried out in the early stages of this project, community and stakeholders engagement.

Group aims and objectives

As a group we aimed to create wayfinding devices around Twerton and Newbridge, while also looking at the site itself. Using these devices as guidance to direct the two communities onto the site. Improving connectivity and accessibility of the site.

The second objective was to improve pedestrian and cyclist paths alongside the River Avon, both to Bath and the Island. Whilst also looking at restoring the greenery and wildlife on the site, ensuring that the site is both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

The third objective was to utilise the existing structures for the community hub, through maintaining the current building or utilising the original materials after dismantling.

Finally the fourth objective was to use the river to generate power, whist also being a tourist attraction, by introducing water sports and boat access onto the site from Bristol (as shown in diagrams below).

Individual aims and objectives

1. Utilise the greenery to improve tourist attraction, create playing areas. 

2.The development of a community hub, artist studios, educational and wellbeing sector is important as it will create space for people to come together and share knowledge and experiences together.

Technical Details 

1:10 Detailed Structure wall of Community Hub

1:10 Skylight Window of Artist Studio Building

1:10 Detailed Retaining Wall for Cantilevered Wellbeing building

1:100 Detailed Cantilevered Wellbeing building